Displaying emergency resuscitation posters on staff notice boards provides staff and visitors with valuable knowledge that could save a life in an emergency. Many employees and members of the public read posters simply out of curiosity and boredom, therefore displaying lifesaving health and safety notices in areas like waiting rooms, staff rooms, toilets etc. enable these crutial messages to be read. For each minute that passes, it is reckoned that the chances of survival decrease by ten per cent. We believe that everyone should have a basic knowledge of CPR/Resuscitation and this poster provides such knowledge.

This poster includes a QR code which can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet, once scanned a video will be played to give further knowledge and clear first aid advice.

This poster states:

Hazard Awareness: For your own safety when approaching the causality check for any dangers or hazards that may have caused the incident. Be aware of any: Moving Vehicles/Machinery, Electric Cables, Overhead Hazards, Fire, Fumes/Gases. When you are sure the area is safe you can begin the First Aid procedure.

1. RESPONSE: Walk around the causality and announce that you are a First Aider and you are here to help. Gently shake the shoulders and say loudly into both ears: "Can you hear me?".

2. OPEN AIRWAY AND CHECK FOR BREATHING: Place your palm on their forehead and with two fingers under the point of the chin gently tilt the head back. Check the mouth for any obstructions, e.g. chewing gum or false teeth. Put your ear close to the causality's mouth whilst looking down the body at the chest. Wait for 10 seconds and listen/feel for breathing and look for the chest rising up and down. If the causality is breathing put them in the recovery position and monitor their condition until the ambulance arrives. If the causality is not breathing and there are no signs of life call/send for help and commence CPR.

3. CALL FOR HELP: Dial 999. Call for an ambulance as quickly as possible. If no one else is available to send for the ambulance, try not to leave the casualty alone for a long period of time.

4. CPR: Place the right hand on top the left and interlock the fingers. Place the heel of the left hand onto the centre of the casualty's chest. Make sure to avoid the ribs, upper abdomen and the lower end of the sternum. Commence 30 compressions. Lean well over the causality and with your arms straight push down vertically no more than 4-5cm (This should be performed at a rate of 100 compressions per minute.) Take a normal breath (place your lips over the casualty's mouth ensuring you have a good seal. Breathe into their mouth steadily for one second as in normal breathing (remembering to hold their nostril closed). Make sure you look down the body to the chest to ensure their chest rises as you perform each breath. Repeat the sequence of 30 compressions to 2 breaths until the ambulance arrives and ask you to stop (perform this ratio alone or with another person. If you are with another people take it in turns to administer chest compressions as you will tire quickly).

This information is for guidance only and should not be used as a substitute for recognised first aid courses.

In an Emergency Contact: [ SPACE FOR FIRST AIDERS NAME ]

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Emergency Resuscitation - First Aid Poster Safety Sign / Product by Chelmsford Safety Signs in Essex

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